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Saturday, September 19, 2015

To Draw Close to God You'll Need Theology (video)

Ever heard anyone say, "I don't need all that book-learning. Just give me Jesus and that's enough for me"? It's become common in the church to base our understanding of God on our feeling of him instead of our knowledge of him. In this short clip, Lenny  demonstrates from C.S. Lewis and from the Bible why the study of theology is crucial for the Christian to grow closer to the God we love.

Image courtesy Paul O'Rear and licensed via Creative Commons. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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  1. Agreed Lenny. How can we possibly know how to walk His Walk without His Word and it's Guidance and Teaching which the Holy Spirit expounds to the inner man...changing our life constantly?
    Every day in the Word is a type of Disneyland where a Nugget becomes clear... and we go forth in Truth for the rest of our lives... with that Nugget and each day of more Nuggets... forever there for the Holy Spirit to bring it to our remembrance in a needful moment?
    Nugget or Diamond upon Diamond...Knowledge of God in His Totality as the Trinity, (or 3 in 1), becomes a need for more Knowledge of His Amazing Ways... and then as we receive that Knowledge we receive His Wisdom. How can we move from sharing Jesus to explaining"how then should we live". We simply need the Bible to live the Christian Walk successfully.


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