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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Problem of Evil - The Free Will Defense Explained (video)

Why would God allow evil and sin to plague humanity? In this short clip, Lenny explains how God's desire to create creatures that truly love Him means that God must allow those creatures the freedom to choose. That means they could also choose to rebel. This clip is taken from a longer teaching entitled "How Could a Loving God Allow Evil in the World?"


  1. Perhaps you should be asking why your God feels the need to create subjects just so they can 'love' him, regardless of the evil and suffering he allows them to endure within his faulty creation (e.g. disease)? Sounds pretty narcisistic and egomaniacal to me.

  2. Shawn, this is a silly objection. One can argue "why have children since they will endure all the evil and suffering this world has? Just so they can love you? How narcissistic and egomaniacal!" Are you saying that no one should have children anymore? Life is not all suffering and evil.


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