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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Top Five Apologetics Blog Posts for July 2015

Things heated up at the blog over July. Our visitor traffic hit its highest point, with over 35,000 pageviews. The most popular articles focused on both Internet-based topics as well as issues on how to Christians should live in a post-Christian culture. A post written at the end of the month ("Six Errors Jesus Mythicists Repeatedly Make") was so popular it not only made the top five, but became the most popular post ever!

The release of the Center for Medical Progress's undercover videos catching Planned Parenthood casually selling of dismembered baby parts brought a lot of new readers to the blog as well. Without further adieu, here are the top five apologetics blog posts for July:
  1. Six Errors Jesus Mythicists Repeatedly Make
  2. Planned Parenthood is Selling Body Parts. Here's What You Can Do.
  3. How Did the Early Christians Influence Their Culture?
  4. How Should Christians Engage Others Online?
  5. How to Spot Impostor Christianity

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