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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Dialogue with an Atheist (video)

A couple of years ago I was invited onto a local television show entitled "That's so Chratheist!" The host, Truman Ardent Smith, is an atheist but wanted to show how Christians and atheists can discuss their differences in an amicable spirit. In this discussion/debate we covered a lot of ground, discussing evolution, morality, and some of the arguments for God's existence. I think you'll enjoy the exchange.



  1. Anonymous12:58 PM

    You are simply ignorant of what the term means. You should do your homework and actually try and understand your opponents before attacking them. Otherwise you look foolish attacking strawmen.

    An agnostic atheist is someone who epistemologically cannot say whether there is a God, but who theologically rejects the claims of all of the world religions.
    It is someone who believes that all talk of God is basically meaningless as man cannot peer outside of the universe and has no way of scientifically observing the supernatural, yet at the same time cannot deny the possibility of a god/gods that exist somewhere in the great beyond.

    1. See


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