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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Questions to Ask Skeptics: What About the Problem of Evil? (video)

One of the more difficult questions many Christians face from skeptics is the question "How can a God exist when I see so much evil in the world?" While this is a challenge to many people, one should realize that the evil we face is more of a problem for the atheist worldview.

In this short video clip, Lenny highlights how rather than disproving God, Christianity provides the most satisfying response to the human struggle with evil and suffering.

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  1. OK, hold on. (I know this is an old post, but I found it in one of your 'Posts You May Have Missed' comments, had it marked, and just got around to watching it.) This video does a complete bait-and-switch on what question about evil it's actually answering.

    At the beginning of the video, you bring up the question that non-believers will typically ask about evil: 'If God is all-powerful and all-great, why is there so much evil in the world?' Or, to put it another way: the existence of the sheer scope and number of the horrors we have in the world is incompatible with the existence of a God who has the attributes of omnipotency, deep love for humanity and a desire to save and help humans which He regularly puts into practice. And that's a perfectly valid point. (It isn't in itself a point in favour of atheism - as you mention later in the video, it's perfectly possible to hypothesise a God who doesn't have all of those attributes - but it does seem to rule out a God who fits the above description.)

    But, instead of answering that question, you then focus on a *different* question regarding the problem of the world's horrors - the question of which worldview is more comforting, when faced with those horrors. Now, not only is this a rather less good question (surely we should come to our beliefs based on the evidence rather than on what we find comforting?), but it isn't the question you posed at the start of the video.

    So - you believe that Christianity has the best answer to the question of 'Which worldview will best comfort us as we face the horrors of the world?' I'd disagree with that, as it happens. But, more to the immediate point, it isn't the question you were originally addressing, and a bait-and-switch doesn't help your argument.


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