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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Debunking 'Bible Secrets' Television Shows

Every year before Christmas and Easter, the media turns to stories about religion to try and boost their audiences. Like clockwork, the History Channel has just begun a series titled "Bible Secrets Discovered". This is the latest in a genre (including "The Bible's Buried Secrets," "Jesus Family Tomb" and others) that seeks to publicize some novel scriptural understanding that undermines the Bible's credibility. Are their charges true?

Below is a four-part audio series plus a two page downloadable PDF outline where I show how these 'Bible Secrets' shows engage ins a bit of misdirection to achieve their goals. More P.T. Barnum than true scholarship, when examining the facts thoughtfully, one can quickly see why these shows present an emperor who has no clothes.


  1. Thanks so much for making this available -- a great resource just in time for the History Channel's series "Bible Secrets Revealed," which is exactly the sort of show you are describing here.

  2. Thank you, Tim! I hope it's helpful!

  3. I really wished you refuted the notion that god had a wife the brief overview didn't do it for me you know the story Judaism was ripped from cannonite polythiesm and other cultures Yahweh was a tribe god but then god but then got bumped up to the only god when they got beat by the babolyonians oh and then there are sopossedly verse that prove that they were pagen on deutaronomy it speaks of the 70sons of el elyon an he divided up the earth and Yahweh got isreal and how Elohim means plurel gods there are many more verses I call this the Jewish copy cat thesis as opposed to christion one where Jesus is a rip off of other page gods can you do something about this because Christian apolegetics seem silent on it

  4. Can you make an entire site devoted to refuting herasy look up Christian Wicca and jewitch look up there sites examin there arguments and refute them in depth there also websites claiming to put the goddess back into judaeochriston religion and unspoken bible and if you won't can you make section own yours or point me to somebody that does a good job


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