Sunday, October 05, 2014

Relativism's Roots lie in a Valueless Culture

The rapid spread of relativism shouldn't surprise us. While relativism grows out of the heady freethinking of some of our culture's brightest minds, it feeds on the collapse of everyday norms. It results from the breakdown of the family brought on by divorce, illegitimacy, and the neglect of children happening in all strata of our society. The instability and insecurity our youngest generations have experienced have severely affected their ability to loveand to work—and, I believe—to appreciate the existence of objective truth.One young woman, a punk rocker, depressingly expressed this reality when she said, "I belong to the Blank Generation". I have no beliefs, I belong to no community, tradition, or anything like that. I'm lost in this vast, vast world. I belong nowhere. I have absolutely no identity.
               —Paul Copan, True For You , But Not For Me. (Minn: Bethany House Pub., 1998)


  1. Whether we attribute increasing evil in society to Einstein's relativity or Nietzsche's existentialism or Darwin's evolution, the underlying cause and explanation of the problem's in a culture without values can be attributed to a turning from God.

    1. Well said. The 3 examples you gave areally indicative of man and his attempts to explain away God. Which is why many who chose not to believe in God cling to such false ideas.

  2. Evil can only increase as goodness diminishes. Just as darkness can only increase as light diminishes. Evil and darkness have no power of themselves.