Sunday, January 01, 2017

Jesus: The Smartest Man Who Ever Lived (podcast)

If you were asked to choose the most intelligent person in history, who would it be? Einstein? Newton? Socrates? What about Jesus? We often think of Jesus as many things, but rarely do we think of him as an intellectual, using reason and logic skillfully. Yet, he did so frequently. In this four-part podcast, you'll hear Lenny explain just how Jesus out-thought his detractors and you'll learn about a underappreciated aspect of his ministry: how he wants us to engage our minds as much as much as our hearts.

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  1. Jesus was probably a fairly intelligent person, as he was able to preach and teach effectively and amass a fairly sizeable following. But without more information than we have in the Gospels, it's impossible to say just how intelligent he was, or whether he was some kind of super-genius. You ask the question: why don't we think of Jesus as being exceptionally intelligent? The answer is, quite simply, we have no reason to think that he was. Fairly intelligent? Sure. Exceptionally intelligent? Who knows!