Saturday, December 06, 2014

Top Five Apologetics Posts for November

November came in with a bang, as the blog continues to draw over 20,000 readers a month. They found several topics engaging, with a lot of shares for the eight part series Tips for Sharing Your Faith. Most posts finished just under the top five, but advice to "Slow Down" was quite popular. However, our top post this month shot to the #3 all time position within 10 days of it being published. Glad to see our readers are thinking!

Here then are the Top Five Apologetics Posts for November:
  1. Christianity is a Thinking-Man's Faith
  2. Morality Relies Upon God's Character, Not Simply His Commands
  3. One Reason Why Jesus Cannot be Mythical
  4. Tips for Sharing Your Faith: #1 - Slow Down!
  5. What If You Can't Be Reasonable Without Faith?

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