Sunday, December 01, 2013

Why the Origin of Life Requires a Creator

How did life arise on earth? What are the key elements we need to focus on when talking with an evolutionist? What questions remain unanswered? Listen to all four parts of this recent podcast that focuses specifically on the beginning of life and explains why, given the evidence, belief in a creator makes the most sense.


  1. It is all a logical fallacy called "Appeal to Ignorance." "Not knowing" isn't evidence for, nor against, the existence of God.

  2. BernieDehler, could you be wrong on everything you think you know?

  3. Referencing BernieDehler, above I wonder why the evidence of eyewitnesses and the statements of Jesus and God from the Bible are considered insufficient to establish the real possibility that life arose as they said it did. Moreover, that the thinking which is supposed to underpin the belief of Christians is not rationally based on that evidence, but is instead attributed to faith or fallacious logic?