Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Top Ten Apologetics Tweets

One of the ways I leverage social media is to expose people to the wider views and issues that are being written about online.  So, I use my Twitter and Facebook accounts to post interesting links or to start conversations about things that matter. (Not exclusively, mind you. If you follow me you may also get some personal updates or a proud photo of a family member.)

Below are the top ten read articles I linked to with an apologetic or cultural focus. It's interesting to see just what resonates with folks out there as well as what was hot in the news this year. Some of both are reflected below.
  1. Why do they always ask about rape and incest? http://bit.ly/Pr1jWM
  2. Roger Ebert Reviews a Tragedy: His Search for God http://bit.ly/Zlw5QB
  3. Supreme Court Decisions Cannot Define Morality http://bit.ly/12lwAtD
  4. The knockout game: reporting more hype than truth. http://bit.ly/18fF27Y
  5. Triumph of the vulgarians http://lat.ms/1aRYlyx
  6. A Tale of Two Hitchens http://bit.ly/1aXsmg0
  7. The Culture of Memes and Why It’s Ruining the World http://bit.ly/18VYVyY
  8. Family Says They Did Tip Gay Server, Didn't Leave Note http://bit.ly/1aRd0y4
  9. A Whole New Meaning to Sex-Crazed http://bit.ly/1hEJbFd
  10. Devastating Arguments Against Christianity (Courtesy of the Internet)  http://bit.ly/16fDcRa

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