Sunday, February 17, 2013

Is It Fair That Hell Is Eternal? (video)

I recently received a letter from a person asking how a loving God could sentence people to Hell for all eternity. The writer said that it didn't seem fair that a finite amount of sins should be punished for an infinite amount of time. However, this misunderstands both the difference between sin and holiness as well as the status of a person who has an active will even after death.

Watch this short clip on my response to this particular question and see why an eternal separation from God is both fair and makes perfect sense.


  1. Dear sir,
    Dear sir,
    A person ( in my case) do not hate god. I do not believe in the existence of such a god. Its not that i do not wish to be near him but just that couldn't believe his existence. In that case how can a person who out of ignorance chose to not believe in god be given such a cruel place to live. When he knows and feels his presence he wont deny him or want to be away from him. Cant the all merciful god forgive one's ignorance and stupidity and judge him based on his actions than the beliefs?

    Please forgive my ignorance. I came across this site in a search and am not well known about christianity.


    Prasanth Gupta

    1. Hi Prasanth,

      I don't believe you're ignorant about Christianity. I believe you have an idea and alrady heard some teachings especially about Jesus Christ. But you don't want to believe.

      Having to watched this video gave you an information. Along with other information you get, it's up to you to receive it.

      Believing should not rely on feeling alone. It is more on listening/learning and then accepting His teachings. If we are to be judged according to our actions, no one will be saved. Because no one is righteous and worthy of God. That is why Jesus must be sacrificed. If we can be saved through our actions, Jesus' death is useless.

      This is why we are sharing this message to the world. So no one would be ignorant. But it's up to you if you'll choose to be "ignorant" forever.

      Finding this site could be one of the signs that He's working into you.