Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Can We Be Equal on Evolution's View? (video)

"If evolution is true, then what makes all people equal to begin with?"

Here's a quick video clip to share with young people that will help provoke their thinking. I discuss the problem of anchoring equality of persons from an evolutionary viewpoint and how the early 20th century eugenics movement was the natural outgrowth of this view. Feel free to share with your friends!


  1. This seems like more of a critique of social Darwinism than of evolution. Just because someone believes in evolution does not mean they automatically have to scrap the idea of human worth and dignity as image bearers.

  2. Joseph Wilson, respectfully, please rethink your statement's incongruence

  3. I mean that believing in evolution as a scientific theory does not mean that suddenly we have no reason to be decent to one another. What was incongruent about my statement?